The Interns

Every semester we engage at least one college student as an intern. Individually and collectively they have compiled an impressive portfolio of articles that we invite you to sample. Click here to learn more about the greatwriting internship.
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Amanda Howe

: BA, English, December 2017
Minors: Creative Writing, Applied Mathematics
greatwriting intern Spring 2018
LinkedIn: here

Articles Published

Improve Your Writing with Microblogging
Create a Community through Criticism
Is Your Writing Literate?
What Engineers Like to Read
How to Overcome Objections
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Jaclyn Spiezia

: Bachelor of Science in Education, December 2018 Expected
Dual Early Childhood/Childhood Education Major
Major Concentration: English
Creative Writing Minor
greatwriting intern Fall 2017
Learn more about Jackie here

Articles Published

In a Fake News Word, Credibility Counts
Self-Edit Responsibly
Blogging Is Like Teaching Children
Blogging as Yourself
Voice Is More than Style
Technically Terrible Writing
Running an Effective Marketing Funnel: Dos and Don’ts
Why We Write
Blogs Still Matter
Become a Storyteller
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Katharine Carney

: BA, English, 2014
greatwriting intern Spring 2014
Online bio: here

Articles Published

Use Jargon To Bond With Your Audience
Write To Enchant Your Reader
Funny Advertising Sells